TOM is a learning tool and a troubleshooting guide for oil filled transformers that can be used to :

  1. Manually run through the algorithm decisions leading to the interpretation of oil analysis. This algorithm is not as refined as the one used in our software PERCEPTION. However, it allows for following guidelines.
  2. Track operational problems such as transformer overheating.
  3. Learn the method to understand the interpretation of dissolved gases in oil.

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TOM screen is as shown. The screen is divided into two parts; the left side shows the troubleshooting chart and the right side shows the navigation commands.

The chart panel allows you to see which part of the chart you are in. It offers the user an overview of the chart.

The troubleshooting chart has several levels. From the main chart, the user can choose a path to a lower level.

Before using TOM, you should have on hand the laboratory results, preferably in table or graph form to simplify consultation.

The navigation panel allows you to progress from within the chart panel. In the upper portion of the navigation panel in the section, Evaluation Path , you select which equipment category the chart will be applied to. This selection detects if the analysis should be carried out on equipment in service or on equipment that is to be energized.

The section entitled Description shows contextual information on the stage of the current chart box. The section entitled Evaluation, if applicable, asks you a question in order to proceed further. For example, lets says you are in the box Relay Activated from the chart panel, you are then asked in Evaluation : Gas relay activated ?. If this applies to you, check the Yes box to proceed to the Gas relay troubleshooting chart. The information in Description allows for the information contained in the Evaluation to be specific on your process decisions.

The buttons located in the lower portion of the navigation panel control the progress of TOM. The button Info or the F1 key will bring up contextual help. The buttons Previous or Next allow you to go forward or back within the troubleshooting chart. If the user goes back to his previous menu, the original stages are readjusted; meaning, if you go back to our menu, the accumulated information is updated up to the point where you branched off.

Download TOM version 1.3 (915 kb)